7 Tips for a smoother move

It is not only the summer season, it is the moving season. It might be because school is out or maybe because it is no fun to carry a couch through a snow drift. Whatever the reason, many households choose to move during the summer months.

When it comes to moving, who couldn’t use a few tips or perhaps just a reminder? Here are 7 tips to help make your move less stressful:

1. Get organized. Nothing could be more frustrating than getting to your new home and forgetting what was packed in which box. Start early and make lists. You should make a list of the contents of each room in your current home and a list of where these items will go in your new home.

2. Allow enough time. The most common timeframe cited by most people moving is that it takes about a month to pack. Use a calendar to plan when each room is to be packed. Check it often to make sure you are on track. If the move is being shared by a number of people, delegate.

3. Professional Movers. If you will be using a professional mover, only hire the best. Get referrals either from friends and neighbors or ask the company for former clients you can contact. Only work with insured, licensed and bonded movers. Get in-home estimates and be sure to ask for a “Not to exceed” estimate. This means your price will never exceed the cost on the estimate and if your property weighs less than estimated the price should be less also. Trust your gut, if you are uncomfortable with a mover then find someone else. Never give your belongings to someone you are uncomfortable with.

4. Packing boxes. Don’t over pack. Boxes that are too heavy or improperly cushioned can result in broken contents. Label every box and keep a list. Each box should have a label showing which room it came from, will be placed in and the contents of the box. Put labels on 2 different sides of the box, this makes finding the label easier without having to flip boxes around. Be sure to label fragile boxes accordingly. Put your contact information on EVERY box. This will allow the movers to return your property in the event the box gets misplaced. When taking items apart, put the small pieces and fasteners in a bag and tape to the item. Create some “Open Me First” boxes. These should be the items you will need access to as ASAP, such as coffee pot, utensils, cleaning supplies, etc.

5. Notify people you are moving. Let the post office know your new address. Cancel your newspaper delivery or notify them of your new address if you are moving in the same area. Be sure your utilities have been notified when to disconnect service. Contact any professional service providers you use: lawyer, accountant, doctors, etc. Let your bank and other financial services know where to send your statements. Although we may all like to forget about bills we owe, you will also need to let your creditors know your new address also. Many of these people and services can be notified when paying your last bill before your move or first bill afterwards.

6. Moving Day. Start as early as you can, it is going to be a long day. If you have small children and can find a sitter it will make the move much easier. Get cell phone numbers. Be sure you have numbers for the movers and they have yours. Almost every moving company will require final payment before they unpack a single box. Many will accept credit cards, a good chance to earn reward points. Other will require cash or certified checks. Be sure you are prepared to pay when required.

7. Unpacking. Hopefully you did a good job of labeling the boxes and they are all in the rooms they belong. Prioritize rooms and start with the “Open Me First” boxes. Once emptied open all flaps on a box and fold it flat. Be sure to recycle what you can. Set reasonable time limits each day to unpack boxes until all possessions have been unpacked and put away.

Moving into a new home is exciting, the actual move is not. The better organized you are, the smoother the move will be. Of course no matter how organized you are that piano is still going to be heavy.

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