North Carolina’s growing population

North Carolina is rated as one of the top 5 states to retire in for active adults by  A recent analysis by the AP  seems to bear this out. Using IRS data, the report shows North Carolina was second behind Texas as the largest gainers in households for 2007 – 2008, with a gain of 40,995 households.

Where did they come from? According to the analysis the biggest gains came from Florida then New York. Other states where the biggest losses went to North Carolina were: Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Top 5 States That Gained Households (1)Texas: +62,827
North Carolina: +40,995
Georgia: +37559
South Carolina: +20,482
Arizona: +20,300
States With The Biggest Losses (1)Michigan:  -37,370
Ohio: -20,575
California: -19,680
New Jersey: -19285
Illinois: -9,888

North Carolina has mountains, beaches, universities, cultural events, but most of all its people. With so much to offer no wonder it continues to draw people from all over the country.

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(1)  From Associated Press analysis of IRS data as reported in the Star News 2/8/2010

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