What About The Neighbors?

neighborhoodYou and your agent have looked at numerous homes in multiple neighborhoods. And after all the hard work, you think you have found the perfect home. The layout is just right, the landscaping is appealing and best of all, the price range is within your budget.

So you may have found the home of your dreams, but are the neighbors going to be a nightmare? An integral part of deciding on a home to purchase should also include looking at the neighborhood and surrounding homes.

You take pride in your home and you want to be sure others in your neighborhood do also. Here are some signs to look for that might indicate if your prospective neighbors take care of their homes with the same attention as you:

  • Landscaping – is the lawn and other landscaping cared for or is it overgrown and dead
  • Poor maintenance – are there signs of broken or worn fixtures like fencing, doors, windows, etc.
  • Trash strewn about, garbage overflowing, debris haphazardly lying around/li>
  • Lots of people coming and going with cars parked all over/li>
  • Noise levels you wouldn’t want to tolerate on a regular basis

To get a better idea of the neighborhood you should drive through at different times of the day over the course of several days. You’ll want to see what is happening in the neighborhood during the morning, evening, and particularly over the weekend when more people tend to be around.

Get out of your car and walk through the area. If you see residents out and about, take a moment to chat with them. Ideally you would like to meet and talk with your immediate neighbors. Let them know you are thinking of moving into the area. Ask them how they like the neighborhood and if they have any tips on anything you should watch for.

Making a judgment call about the neighborhood is a personal choice and only something you can do.

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